Lily and Nana Written by Lily Hamilton and Barbara Myers

Lily and Nana
Written by Lily Hamilton and Barbara Myers
Illustrated by Brendan Sellaro

Lily and Nana is about a little girl named Lily and her Nana and the things they like about each other. Lily and Nana likes to spend time with each other even though they don’t always do the same things. Like when they are gardening together, Lily likes to plant the garden and Nana likes to water the garden after it’s planted.  They just enjoy being around each other and doing things together just like many young readers like to spend time with their Nana’s and really with any older person.

This is a cute little book and it especially teaches the young reader the fun and enjoyment of spending time with their grandparents. I like the idea that the author wrote about a child with her grandparent because children need to see the importance of being with older family and friends. The book is simple and easy to read with only a sentence one each page. The illustrations are a great addition to the story, showing the young reader what they words are saying. The only problem I have with the illustrations is with the faces of Lily and Nana. Lily doesn’t always look like a girl in the pictures, and on both Lily and Nana the faces seem mad or angry sometimes. That’s just my opinion but it seems like the characters could be smiling more to go with the happiness of the story.  I do feel like this book would be a great addition to any school, public or personal child’s library.

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