Breaking Through the Fibro Fog by Kevin P Whi

Breaking Through the Fibro Fog by Kevin P White


This book starts off describing Fibromyalgia in detail, what it is, what it is not, the symptoms, how to expect to feel,  how FM is diagnosed and false things that have been said widespread about the disease. The second part is twelve chapters about Fibromyalgia being real, and the scientific reasons to back this up. And the third and last part is about the Trama and Disability of FM.

I chose this book to review because I suffer with FM and I am always looking for new information to read. This book is a good choice for the FM patient because of the wealth of information included. The First Chapter is really informative about every aspect of the disease. The author’s details of how’s and why’s of FM helps the reader to understand more clearly what is happening in your body with this disease.  This book is very user friendly for the Dr., patient and even insurance companies and lawyers dealing with patients that have FM.

But the book is most important for the scientific evidence proved here in these pages that FM is indeed a disease. Many who suffer with Fm have been ridiculed by friends and family, as well as Doctors and Lawyers because of their complaints of symptoms of FM. I found it interesting that the millions that suffer with FM all have very similar symptoms, meaning that there is no way all of these people are not making up the same symptoms. If you have FM or know someone who has if, please purchase a copy of this great book and read it!!

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