The Beatles Discography Volume One – The 60’s By: Stephen E. Donnelly

The Beatles Discography Volume One – The 60’s
By: Stephen E. Donnelly


Paperback Format: 8.5 x 11 color paperback, 164 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Mar 14, 2011)
ISBN10: 1432769243
ISBN13: 9781432769246
Genre: MUSIC / Discography & Buyer’s Guides




From the back of the book
A Chronological Guide To Their Music

THE BEATLES DISCOGRAPHY presents the Beatles recorded legacy like never before, with US and UK releases side by side with important releases from Germany, France and more. Plus their solo efforts in the same chronological listings, complete with release dates, record labels & numbers, full track listings with composer and producer credits, recording dates, mix variations and song lengths, all in a compact and easy to understand format, including many rare images of front and back covers, picture sleeves and record labels.

My Review

Being an avid Beatles fan and collector, Author Stephen E. Donnelly has always wanted a Beatles reference guide. Since he could never find one, he complied “The Beatles Discography Volume One – The 60’s.” This concise and complete guide lists all songs that the Beatles recorded in the 1960’s with information arranged in chronological order.
He breaks the book down into 4 sections:
Section One: the release discography, contains every LP, EP and single listed in chronological order of release, including complete track listings.
Section Two: the chronological song index, is the same information in Section One, but is arranged in a song by song format with all information on each song listed.
Section Three: This section has various extra information and the author’s personal thoughts.
Section Four: This section is the index to all of the songs in all formats in this book, with specific details before each section.

For the Beatles fanatic, this book is a must have! I was in awe as I read through and looked at the pictures in this book. To see cover pictures of all of the albums, singles, cassettes and the actual singles records was just awesome. And for each, the author has listed the song and detailed information like the recording dates and length of the songs. What makes this book so great is the authors love for The Beatles music. Being the collector he is, he wants it all, everything in one book. And that’s just he has given Beatle fans here. And the book cover is awesome as well, with the retro look of the fonts used, and some of the albums pictured on the front. The Volume One is all of their 1960’s recording only. Volumes of the other years will be available at a later date. And of course I would recommend this to all Beatles fans. What a wonderful resource. What a pleasure to read this interesting book!

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